• Roberta Stone Principal, Creative Social Marketing

    As the principal of CSM I have created web sites, pay per click advertising programs, blogs and other social media linkages for clients in real estate sales, PR firms, writers, photographers and editors and other individual business persons.   
    I have extensive experience in the public and private sectors as a teacher, health care manager, real estate salesperson and as a fine art photographer. I understand that every profession is different and every professional has their own goals and objectives. No two individuals are alike and each will have a different vision of who they are and how they want others to see them. My goal is to see your business through your eyes and to translate that into a template sutable for your audience. 
    Early Adopter
    In 1998 I was one of the first real estate agents in the Boston area to promote my services and market properties on the Internet at www.robertastone.com. Because of my utilization of the web clients from around the United States and even other countries find me and initiate conversations about my services. But as in any business, it takes more than the service you provide to make a client into a lifetime supporter. Through the MLS many agents can put out instant e-bulletins when properties that meet their client's criteria come onto the market but most cannot do the things that build relationships during and after the sale. My clients take virtual tours and discover local neighborhoods and community resources, they have access to information and news about the current market. I market properties through my website, blogs, social networking sites, e-newsletters, and Google ads.
     As a photographer, I designed www.robertastonephotography.com, a website where I can share my work with collectors, exhibitors, and other artists. 
  • Office: (617) 648-4459
  • Mobile: (617) 233-3448

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