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  • Surya Ray

    Surya Ray – Business-partner

    It's a pleasure to have Jan as part of my professional network. I know that I can always rely on him for invaluable information. He, along with his network, are a tremendous source of support and knowledge for my business.

    I can recommend an as a person with great recognition and deep expertise of solutions.

    Eager, highly organized and loyal engineer. Is always capable of adapting to new working environments.

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  • Robert Watson

    Robert Watson – Service-provider

    Jan is a self-motivated Social Media network entrepreneur who is focused and very customer-oriented. Gives good advice. The person to speak to in Phuket about SEO, Web Design and Major Web Developments.

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  • kathy wu

    kathy wu – Colleague

    Hello Jan

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  • Steffen Bieser

    Steffen Bieser – Business-partner

    I know Jan Jansen since quite a while now. Jaan is the founder of Easy Branches, and a real big Pro in Social Media Marketing, and this also worldwide, and in many languages, in all Asia too. His network is huge, and growing rapidly. But in all this he is also a real friend. One that does not only talk, but who is always willing to help too. He helped me a lot, and taught me many important things. We are connected in many social networks, He always followed back, commented, and shared. And this is very important for me. Jan is very dependable, and always straight up and direct. I feel honored to be befriended with him. ...more ...more

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  • Dirk van Opstal

    Dirk van Opstal – Business-partner

    I was very fortunate to work with Jan and see his performance under pressure, and his creative solutions enabled the whole team to operate efficiently and exceed the guidelines expected.

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  • William E Spicer

    William E Spicer – Business-partner

    I have known Jan for a while and I have always been impressed with his positive and professional attitude. I have learned a great deal from him about social networking strategies and being an open networker. Jan consistently shares in communities across all major networks and is a Power Social Media Consultant. Jan’s novel ideas coupled with his integrity, reliability and promptness make him the complete package. I would highly recommend him for any of my contacts.

    He is not only a multi-skilled and intelligent Social Media Consultant but also an inspiring expert. I can recommend Jan as a person with great knowledge and deep expertise of modern business solutions. Jan is an organized team player. He is an asset to any company. Makes the impossible possible. ...more ...more

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  • Dirk van Opstal

    Dirk van Opstal – Service-provider

    Jan is on top of his game, even under stressful conditions, he is a ROCK. I think of him first when I am faced my own challenges.

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  • Brian Phillips

    Brian Phillips – Service-provider

    Jan has succeeded in producing an excellent website for my luxury holiday villas, and has now created a calendar which I can synchronize to update my calendars on many other websites. Well done Jan

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  • The River BKK Apartments for rent

    The River BKK Apartments for rent – Business-partner

    following the tips and advices of Jan is good for every one.

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  • Brian Phillips

    Brian Phillips – Service-provider

    Jan Jansen has designed and built a superb website for my two villas www.phuketvillathailand.com at a very reasonable price .
    He is now working hard on the Search Engine Optimisation for my website and in about three months the site has soared up the world rankings and has now reached the first page of Google for agreed search engine phrases .This was achieved by Jan easily within the six months promised . Well Done Jan !!

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  • Corey Mcdaniel

    Corey Mcdaniel – Business-partner

    I have personally known Jan for many years. He was running a simple business on the outside called easy internet fun and games, once inside his shop I was surprised at how high tech his office was and that he was a very skilled guru on the internet in many ways. At this time me and Jan got better acquainted as we both had many of the same likes and skills.
    I started to learn some stock marketing tricks from him as his passion for networking and connecting others. Jan is defiantly knowledgeable and knows what he is doing in these areas. Jan is an honest business man and was easy for me to work with.. I would do business with him again and recommend him to anyone with internet, web, networking related needs! ...more ...more

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  • cindy capobianco

    cindy capobianco – Colleague

    I have had a great deal of Social Media experiences with Jan over the last few months. He is a extremely capable Network Design Artist and Builder.. Capable of Managing and creating simultaneously.. A true Leader and Mentor. I can highly recommend Jan for any of your website needs

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