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    All my experiences have culminated into the following vision: History has seen three great waves of change in which entrepreneurial innovation caused a transformation in the face of business that culminated in a great demographic shift. Each of these shifts shook the world to its core. The first two were from hunting and gathering to farming and from farming to industry. The third from industry to information is upon us and the result is the tourist spots of yesterday being transformed into the telecommuting hubs of tomorrow. More specifically there is a coming mass migration of "Connected Class" business owners toward tourist spots where they can live their vacation as they run their business via virtual office. This coming reality is the guiding principle behind a vision I have to see the world become a better place. A large vision that has God's purposes for mankind as its center and will be a long journey with many twists and turns. Nonetheless, two paths have emerged as the starting point for that journey. One is a Social Guide to Property Investment that seeks to generate a forward looking discussion about the concept of property itself and how and why we are charged to protect it. The other is a Business Services company that aspires to coach local business owners on how to serve the "Connected Class" property investors the discussion on the Social Guide will draw. This, by utilizing social, local, and mobile platforms to effectively engage them. Many spiritually minded people look at technology and the world around us and think the end must be near. After actively engaging with the ideas presented on our sites we believe you will come to see: "What the caterpillar sees as the end of life God calls a butterfly"
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